Blockchain Health Records – Fast Access Plays A Vital Role In Treatment

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If I were to ask you what is some of the most important personal information that you have, what would you say? Right at the top of this list, or at least close to the top, is likely your health records. You simply cannot get the best health care without the best health data available to your doctors.  Read more  »

UK Financial Conduct Authority Warns Consumers Against Unauthorized Crypto Exchange

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The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued a warning against an unregulated crypto exchange targeting UK consumers.

In a notice published on Monday, the FCA said that Crypto Exchange Pro, which offers trading accounts for buying and selling major cryptocurrencies, has been providing financial services in the UK without the regulator’s authorization.


Japan’s Financial Services Agency To Introduce Crypto Wallet Regulation

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Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) is planning to introduce regulation for crypto wallet service providers.

During the FSA’s ninth cryptocurrency study group meeting last week, officials discussed regulatory measures for cryptocurrency wallet services, including the maintenance of internal control systems, management of cryptocurrencies belonging to the service providers and customers,


Canadian Parliament Committee Suggests Crypto Regulation To Prevent Money Laundering

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The Finance Committee of Canada’s lower house is urging the government to dramatically change the way it regulates cryptocurrencies to prevent their use in money laundering.

In its recent report titled Confronting Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing: Moving Canada Forward, the committee recommended three significant ways the government should monitor cryptocurrencies.


Blockchain, AI and the Legal System – Will Tech Lead The Law?

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Artificial intelligence is fashionable. It is mentioned in the board meetings of marketing companies, logistics, the financial industry, health and many others. This technology brings a level of autonomy to digital systems. But, on several occasions, the digital services collided and even came into conflict with the application of the law.


Malta, The ‘Blockchain Island’, Pivots Toward AI Development

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Malta, the little island that is part of the European Union, has managed to become the headquarters of several companies in the crypto world. With attractive legislation, officials especially dedicated to promoting technology and a convenient tax regime, large players of the crypto ecosystem have already settled on this small island in the Mediterranean.