Coinimal announces new service to directly spend bitcoin on

FinTech | January 8, 2016 By:

Coinimal announced it is offering a unique new service. Customers can now receive vouchers in exchange for their bitcoin.

Users need to send bitcoin to Coinimal, and after just 1 to 3 blockchain confirmations they will receive their voucher code immediately by email. It is a standard voucher that tops up a user’s balance, which can be redeemed against purchases on the marketplace of Customers can use the vouchers to pay for part or all of a purchase, and once redeemed the unspent balance of a voucher will remain as a credit on their account for next time.

“For the first time, this makes it possible to buy absolutely anything on for bitcoin – just as you would in a regular purchase, from inside your account, but with all the added advantages that crypto brings,” said Coinimal Co-CEO Eric Demuth.

Coinimal is an Austrian bitcoin start-up.