Coinkite announces a new kind of “Bitcoin Payment Button”

FinTech | July 7, 2015 By:

On Thursday, June 30, Coinkite announced a new kind of “Bitcoin Payment Button” that lets anyone accept bitcoin as payment for products or services. The first of its kind Pay Button is a plain HTML, embeddable payment processing option that shows prices in Bitcoin and an optional local currency.

Coinkite is the first website to allow TOR users to make bitcoin payments while Javascript and cookies are disabled without collecting any personal information from the buyer. Buyers can either pay directly or via their Coinkite account.

“Our goal was to create something empowering, like Craigslist. They get privacy, and always have. Now anyone can collect a few bitcoin online in exchange for goods or services using Coinkite,” said Coinkite CTO and founder Peter Gray.

In order to protect retailers from volatile cryptocurrency exchange rates, Coinkite allowed the new Pay Now service to utilize their Bitcoin automated forwarding. In other words, users can send their payments instantly to exchanges such as Coinbase, Bitstamp and Kraken.

Coinkite is a bitcoin platform with multi-signature and a developer API.