Coinomi founder proposes Soft Blocks

Announcements | January 14, 2016 By:

Coinomi founder John Jegutanis proposed the concept of ”Soft Blocks“ to help scale Bitcoin.

“Soft Blocks could reduce the risk of increasing Bitcoin’s block-size limit. It is not so much the block size – although yes, it must be increased – but the inefficiency of our current block relay mechanism that needs solving,” said Jegutanis.

Jegutanis’ Coinomi was one of the first Bitcoin wallets to test Bitcoin XT – designed to hard fork a block-size limit increase through BIP 101. While Coinomi is compatible with Bitcoin XT, Jegutanis decided not to enable it in production until developer consensus has emerged.

Jegutanis still supports a hard fork to increase the block size, however, and proposes to decrease propagation time through Soft Blocks.