Crypto Mining PCs Planned By Unikrn, Maingear

Announcements, News | January 26, 2018 By:

Esports betting platform Unikrn has partnered with personal computer manufacturer Maingear to create co-branded UnikoinGold crypto-mining capable PCs.

Founded in 2014 by gaming industry veterans Rahul Sood and Karl Flores, Unikrn has offices in Berlin, Seattle, Sydney, and Las Vegas. Unikrn analyzes esports and data to deliver betting products across multiple countries around the world, and they also provide their users with the opportunity to win rewards. The company’s token – UnikoinGold – is an ethereum-based cryptocurrency used for esports betting.

Unikrn recently sold over 127,000,000 of their UnikoinGold tokens in what was the largest token sale in esports and gaming history.

Maingear specializes in custom desktops, gaming computers, custom laptops, and workstations which are built, designed, and supported in the US. It began building high-performance computers in 2002, with a focus on customer service and luxury quality. Much of his work is inspired by the automotive industry.

The partnership will see Maingear offer two high-end mining PCs – Advanced Crypto Miner (ACM) and ACM Pro – designed to mine ethereum and UnikoinGold, along with other cryptocurrencies. Maingear said it will offer owners exclusive mining pools and rates so they will be able to build their UKG stores at unparalleled efficiencies.

Maingear is not sharing detailed specifications just yet, other than revealing that the ACM will have six graphics cards shoved inside a cube-shaped case, with automotive paint finish options.

“Maingear has always focused on partnering with the best brands in gaming, from our partnerships with Razer, Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA, and we continue that with our partnership with Unikrn,” said Maingear CEO Wallace Santos. “I strongly believe in the future of esports and crypto, and with Unikrn as the industry’s leader in merging crypto, gaming and esports, it’s the perfect fit. With the Maingear ACM and accepting UnikoinGold payments, Maingear is making a strong commitment to crypto as a key part of our business going forward.”