Didier Martin Joins Relevium As Blockchain Project Leader

Job Appointments | March 5, 2018 By:

Relevium Technologies Inc. has appointed Didier Martin as special advisor and project leader for the company’s current and future blockchain projects. Martin joins the e-commerce health and wellness-focused company effective immediately in his advisory capacity to provide technical leadership, including advising on all strategic aspects of a potential token security offering (TSO), the integration and positioning of the technology into the Tagspire joint venture, and developing use cases for Relevium, including the development of a supply chain security private blockchain solution for the company’s online business.

“In a growing and competitive space like health and wellness, we need to be nimble and able to adopt new technology,” said Autrelio Useche, the CEO. “Blockchain and artificial intelligence are examples of useful and applicable technologies we can integrate to provide a competitive advantage to our business. We can either take a lead and open ourselves today to the blue-sky that these technologies can provide, OR we can become followers and late adopters. The choice to us is very clear.”

Martin currently serves as Lead Expert at Interblockchain.io, a solution capable of interconnecting heterogeneous blockchain, allowing free cryptocurrency movements between bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, ethereum, Neo, and EOS. Martin has 30 years’ experience in the management of technology, security and software development and has also held senior executive roles in several start-ups, public companies and consortiums.