Digital Assets Coalition of America Adds Frank McCarthy As Advisor

Job Appointments | March 19, 2018 By:

Digital Assets Coalition of America (DAC), a trade group for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries, has added Frank McCarthy of McCarthy Advanced Consulting as an advisor.

A 20-year veteran of Capitol Hill, McCarthy has a track record of helping trade associations build and establish reliability and integrity with key lawmakers. “If you don’t have credibility in this world,” McCarthy said, “you don’t have anything.”  For DAC, McCarthy will be helping to formulate policy goals and objectives to help educate lawmakers on the benefits of digital assets that go far beyond cryptocurrency.

Jared Bambis, DAC Managing Director, said Frank and his team “have decades of experience in direct lobbying, political strategy, and coalition building.  MAC will be a powerful resource in achieving our goals, and we’re incredibly excited to work with them.”

McCarthy and team will contribute strategic leadership to the DAC mission of educating the federal government and the public on distributed ledger technologies and inspiring a favorable regulatory climate.

Digital Assets Coalition of America kicks off its 2018 U.S. Legislative activities next week.