Exantech Invests $10 Million in Cryptocurrency Miner Comino

Announcements, Investing | October 11, 2017 By:

Exantech has invested $10 million in plug-and-play cryptocurrency miner Comino.

Exantech is a recently launched venture capital fund by Malta-based investment company Exante. Exantech is aimed at investing and developing transformative projects in such areas as blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI), handpicking fundamental ideas and professional teams. At the heart of the strategy is the vision that within 3-5 years there will be a massive transition to the use of blockchain technology, as well as a significant leap in the development of AI.

Comino is a silent residential GPU-based miner with liquid cooling, designed to automatically select the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine at any time, but also allowing remote management.

Exantech СEO Anatoly Knyazev said they have a very bright view of the mining-market. They expect this sector to grow by $5 billion to $7 billion in the near future.

“Since 2012 Exante has been developing and innovating the cryptocurrency ecosystem, so it made sense that the first investment of this fund would be a miner-startup, Comino,” said Knyazev.

Knyazev also hopes that Exantech becomes not only a venture fund, but also a cryptocurrency think-tank. All portfolio startups will have access to the fund’s tech expertise and office space, along with legal, accounting, and mentoring teams.

Comino CEO Evgeny Vlasov said reliable support and the significant experience of Exantech’s founders will allow them to materialize their vision to provide smart warmth for each household. He said the investment will go towards initiating mass production as well as developing new generations of devices and software.