First Ethereum Decompiler Launched

Announcements, Blockchain, Innovation, News | July 31, 2017 By:

Cybersecurity firm Comae Technologies has launched the first decompiler for Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Called Porosity, the decompiler is designed to reverse-engineer the code behind smart contracts into checkable source code. Porosity is tasked to generate human-readable Solidity syntax smart contracts from any EVM bytecode.

Comae Technologies founder Matt Suiche said that the initial problem he was trying to solve by writing a decompiler is to be able to have the actual source code without having access to the actual source code by reverse engineering.

“Porosity removes a major roadblock to interacting with contracts of unknown origin and helps further the ‘trust but verify’ blockchain thinking,” said Suiche.

Commae also revealed that Porosity and JP Morgan’s Quorum, an enterprise-level ethereum blockchain, are being packaged and tested together as a way to integrate blockchain technology into traditional enterprise security workflows.

The package includes scanning of private contracts sent to user nodes from other network participants, incorporating into security and patching processes for private networks with a formalized governance model, and automate scanning and analyze risk across semi-public Quorum networks.

“Porosity is the first decompiler that generates human-readable Solidity syntax smart contracts from Ethereum Virtual Machine bytecode,” said JP Morgan blockchain lead Amber Baldet.