Former NY Financial Services Chief Joins Ripple Board of Directors

Job Appointments | November 22, 2017 By:

FinTech payments firm Ripple has added former New York State Department of Financial Services superintendent Benjamin Lawsky to its board of directors.

Lawsky is New York State’s first superintendent of Financial Services serving through June 2015. He has more than two decades of experience in both federal and state government. Lawsky also served as co-chair of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Cyber Security Advisory Board after a tenure as the governor’s chief of staff. He got his start as an assistant United States attorney in the Southern District of New York and as chief counsel to US Senator Charles Schumer. Lawsky has also been a visiting scholar at Stanford University’s Cyber Initiative.

Lawsky is well known in the cryptocurrency community for being the architect of BitLicense, an industry-leading regulation for digital-asset businesses operating in the state of New York, which came into effect in 2015.

Ripple said Lawsky will play an integral role in the company’s mission to achieve frictionless cross-border payments through the increased use of the digital asset XRP by financial institutions around the world.

“Ripple and its leadership are passionate about making our global financial system more efficient, more secure and more fair,” said Lawsky. “I share those same goals and I’m thrilled and humbled to work side by side with their incredible team as they continue to pave the way for the growth and accelerating adoption of blockchain and digital assets in the years ahead.”