Hackcoin Blockchain Hackathon to be held June 20

Announcements | June 18, 2015 By:

Hackcoin Blockchain Hackathon is hosting its London event on June 20 to connect with like-minded individuals to create solutions for anything that can benefit from the tamper-resistant nature of the Blockchain.

Participants are encouraged to use their favorite Blockchain protocols, including the ones used by Bitcoin, NXT and Eris. Prizes will be handed out for the best hacks to encourage implementation of projects created at the Hackathon.

One of Hackcoin’s goals is to build on the success of PayExpo earlier this month, which saw a considerable amount of interest in the possibilities surrounding the Blockchain and especially projects that are making use of NXT-based technology, such as new NXT plugins for crowdfunding and an online marketplace.

HackCoin is an international digital currency/blockchain hackathon organised by Hackcoin Limited.