Juniper Research Predicts Trillion-Dollar Crypto Market Cap

ICO News, Investing, News, Regulation | September 5, 2017 By:

A new study indicates cryptocurrency markets could top the one trillion mark by the end of this year.

Juniper Research’s report, The Future of Blockchain Key Vertical Opportunities & Deployment Strategies 2017-2022, based its prediction on the growth of ether, a key driver of many blockchain projects.

The report was issued before the Chinese announced that they would ban ICOs in the country, thus hobbling many companies built on the financing mechanism or planning on conducting an ICO to raise capital.

Juniper’s report also indicated that the upcoming implementation of further SegWit2x protocols planned for the bitcoin community in November could negatively affect that coin’s value. Dr. Windsor Holden, the report author, noted, “There is no resolution in sight to the continuing and fundamental disagreements between many bitcoin miners and bitcoin core developers over the future of the cryptocurrency. This in turn could lead to uncertainty about bitcoin’s future and downward pressure on its valuation.”