Lithuania Financial Crime Investigation Service warns public about Bitcoin

Crime | January 26, 2016 By:

Lithuania Financial Crime Investigation Service (FNTT) Director Kestutis Jucevicius announced to the public that digital currency Bitcoin should be used with caution as it is used to finance “terrorism.”

“In the future can cause a lot of problems, because the money purified system through bitcoin can benefit not only organized groups engaged in arms trafficking, trafficking in human beings and drugs, the possibility that in the future such a cash transfer schemes and cash transfers could be used by terrorists” said Jucevicius.

The FNTT believes Lithuanian citizens have spent over 20 million euros, or 21.6 million USD in illicit purchases or funding of terrorist parties using bitcoin.

The FNTT further emphasized that an international survey which covered the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the USA, Australia, Morocco, and Lithuania stated that most of the products and goods sold in anonymous web pages are drugs and weapons, used to assist terrorist groups.