Loyyal Teams with MyList To Increase E-Gift Card Sales

Announcements, Blockchain | September 13, 2017 By:

Blockchain firm Loyyal has teamed with MyList, a gift card and merchandise fulfillment provider in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Loyyal is a loyalty and rewards platform built with blockchain and smart contract technology. It introduces interoperability to the currently fragmented loyalty rewards industry. Rewards can now be multi-branded, such as an “Airline/Bank” co-branded reward or even an “Airline/Retailer/Consumer” multi-branded reward.

Under the partnership, MyList’s comprehensive network of e-gift cards will be available as a potential redemption option for any program operator who joins the Loyyal network.

“This is a relationship we are very excited about, as it will provide extensive new options for program operators running nodes on the Loyyal network,” said Loyyal founder and CEO Greg Simon. “Loyyal’s program operators will now have access to e-gift card redemption options across 100’s of retailers, merchants, and service providers in the MENA region. In addition to this, MyList benefits from increased sales volume – faster, cheaper and more securely than before because it is facilitated by Loyyal’s blockchain technology.”

“We think the new partnership with Loyyal is an ideal way to expand our sales of e-gift cards while adding real value to Loyyal’s customer experience as well,” said MyList Group founder and CEO Julie Leblan. “There are a lot of companies in the loyalty space in the region now, but Loyyal brings a professionalism and dynamic to the market that we can appreciate being a part of.”

Last year, Loyyal participated in the Dubai Future Accelerators program. The program pairs top companies and cutting-edge entrepreneurs with strategic partners in Dubai to collaborate on and create breakthrough solutions. Loyyal is already a member of the Dubai Global Blockchain Council and has been focusing on developing a Dubai points program for tourists.