Lucrazon Global integrates all cryptocurrency and e-wallets

Announcements | May 22, 2015 By:

On Tuesday, May 19, Lucrazon Global announced it has blended cryptocurrency with e-wallets for all e-commerce solutions, changing the way online businesses launch their payment gateways.

The new service will benefit a variety of businesses, from organizations providing services, such as insurance and marketing firms, to retailers that rely strictly on e-commerce.

Using a patent-pending, fully integrated e-commerce system technology, Lucrazon Global combines all the necessary steps to start and run a successful online business, including web design and development, procuring a payment gateway, merchant account and payment processor, and finding a reliable product supplier.

In keeping with its innovative stance, Lucrazon Global not only facilitates the use of all credit cards, but also integrates alternative payments, including cryptocurrency and E-wallet support.

Lucrazon Global is a fully integrated e-commerce platform and global business network.