Moneytis launches open beta of global bitcoin remittance service

FinTech | June 8, 2015 By:

On Wenesday, June 3, Moneytis announced the launch of its open beta global bitcoin remittance service.

The service allows users to send international transfers from their bank accounts to the receiver’s for a fee of two percent or less. The startup uses bitcoin to send the money to its destination, but users would never know because Moneytis keeps it all in the background.

According to Moneytis co-founder, Etienne Tatur, the idea behind Moneytis came to him after having a difficult time sending money to a friend in China. According to Tatur, they had hard time finding out if his bank would do the transfer and then how much it would cost.

Since then, Tatur and his co-founder Christophe Lassuyt have been developing the company’s money-transfer technology and refining its user experience from feedback gathered from the private beta.

Moneytis is a digital platform for money transfer which aims to inform people and reduce the cost of sending money abroad.