Physical Bitcoin Created By Fintech Select

Announcements, Blockchain, News | January 2, 2018 By:

Canadian firm Fintech Select has launched its physical bitcoin product alongside its Selectcoin closed loop swipe card.

Last November, the company announced that they have been working on the physical bitcoin project in stealth mode. Fintech Select believes that this physical version of bitcoin will attract a larger audience to the growing digital economy. The physical bitcoin will be embedded with fractional amounts of bitcoin and interconnected to a single wallet.

The physical bitcoins were made available for viewing and purchase at the company’s pop-up location in Toronto on December 21.

Founded in 1999, Fintech Select provides prepaid payment services and point-of-sale (POS) transaction processing solutions for the prepaid financial services and mobile markets in Canada. The company provides prepaid or stored value cards primarily for various programs and sales verticals; government disbursement prepaid card solutions; program management solutions; Europay, MasterCard, and VISA chip cards, as well as Iridium MasterCard; security, fraud protection, and legal compliance services; and instant issuance solutions of Visa and MasterCard prepaid cards for government agencies and corporate clients.

The company also offers mobile top-ups and remittance solutions; and operates point of sale platform that provide real-time electronic distribution and activation of prepaid financial products and services for retailers, distributors, and telecom providers. Fintech Select recently launched a blockchain POS platform for its cryptocurrency called Selectcoin. Using this platform, consumers can buy bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies from retail locations.

“The demand and response from those in attendance was a positive sign that our solution will play a critical role within the cryptocurrency sector,” said Mohammad Abuleil, CEO and President of Fintech Select. “Our POS solution creates a simple way for consumers to buy bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. We are pleased with the results and intend to gradually update the market on all new locations.”