Procivis launches blockchain e-government platform

Blockchain | January 31, 2017 By:

Swiss blockchain startup Procivis announced its proof of concept for a blockchain-backed e-government platform.

Describing it as an “e-government as a service platform,” the Procivis platform is designed to “enable the digitization of societies and the provision of online public services across the globe.”

E-government services are a promising example how blockchain technology can be applied to areas beyond crypto currencies. While e-voting is being presented at today’s event as one possible application to make use of Procivis’ secure digital identity management, the platform will be designed to run a government-curated app store that can offer the full range of public administration services, including tax filings, land registry or commercial registry.

To design its services, the company will collaborate closely with Estonian e-government experts.

“By bringing Estonia’s leading e-government experts on board and adding our blockchain experience, our aim is to create a platform that can serve as the future electronic backbone of democracies across the globe,” said Daniel Gasteiger, Procivis.

Along with its proof of concept, Procivis is presenting a study coordinated by Prof. Dr. Alexander Trechsel of Zurich-based consulting firm Xupery, which draws a comparison between the evolution of Switzerland and Estonia as digital societies over the past twenty years. The report is co-authored by political scientists Dr. Maarit Ströbele and Nele Leosk.