Quoine and Econtext announces partnership

Announcements | June 30, 2015 By:

Quoine and Econtext announced a partnership that will allow more than 20,000 online and eventually bricks-and-mortar merchants to accept bitcoin in Japan.

The move essentially allows merchants that already use Econtext’s payment processing services in thousands of online stores to accept bitcoin payments without the need for a bitcoin-specific processor.

Quoine CEO Mario Gomez Lozada said his company had entered into discussions with Econtext last year, and has since done extensive integration work to connect it to Quoine’s payments platform.

The partnership could spur a large increase in the number of bitcoin-accepting merchants in Japan, where adoption has been slower than in other nations due to negative media attention from the Mt Gox insolvency.

Quoine is a Japan based bitcoin exchange. Econtext is a Hong Kong based online payment company.