Security Expert Joseph Steinberg Joins Gladius Advisory Board

Job Appointments | October 11, 2017 By:

Gladius, the blockchain-driven cyber-protection network, has added Joseph Steinberg to its Advisory Board. A 20-year veteran of the information security industry, Steinberg will contribute his expertise to help advance Gladius’ Denial of Service protection and secure content network distribution services.

 “Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks - cyberattacks in which perpetrators render a website or other resource unavailable to its intended users by overloading it with superfluous requests sent from numerous devices simultaneously - continue to pose a major risk to businesses and other organizations that rely on the Internet,” said Steinberg. “Glaidus’ innovative use of the blockchain - the technology that allowed bitcoin to transform online payments and Ethereum to transform smart contracts - has the potential to dramatically reduce the ability of criminals to execute such attacks, to lower the cost for businesses to mitigate against such attacks should they occur, and to allow consumers and businesses to capitalize on their underutilized bandwidth.”
Gladius offers an solution to DDoS attacks that leverages blockchain technology to allow people and businesses to rent their unused bandwidth to parties requiring the extra bandwidth to mitigate against DDoS attacks.

“Gladius is committed to recruiting top talent - the best industry experts and leaders - to its Advisory Board,” said Gladius’ Founder and CEO, Max Niebylski. “We are delighted to announce that Joseph Steinberg is joining our team in an advisory capacity. He brings a wealth of proven security and business experience, and we look forward to benefiting from his expert guidance.”