Sony Plans Blockchain for Education Records

Announcements, Blockchain, FinTech, Innovation | August 9, 2017 By:

The Sony Corporation is best known for technology, music, TV and films. Now, one of its divisions is looking to commercialize education records via the blockchain.

Sony Global Education has developed a blockchain system for storing and managing education records. Degrees, diplomas, tests and other items will become a “digital transcript,” according to the company. The goal is prevent degree fraud and allow access by third parties for job interviews and other assessments.

The system is now being tested and partners engaged. A live launch is anticipated next year at an unspecified point.

Sony Global Education (SGE) operates Global Math Challenge, a worldwide contest that tests logical thinking skills. It has a mission to “create a new infrastructure by providing educational services for global use that go beyond the framework of existing applications and services in order to allow anyone and everyone to easily access education, compete, and learn together.”  By linking the systems of various educational institutions via blockchain, SGE believes it can create a new framework for education.

Sony indicated that the stored data could also be sifted by artificial intelligence to provide institutions with improvement ideas on curriculums and management.