State of Digital Money conference to be held in Los Angeles

Announcements | April 6, 2015 By:

On Saturday, April 18, the city of Los Angeles will host the State of Digital Money conference. The conference is designed to shape “a future vision” of digital currency, as seen by the leaders of the digital currency community.

“The investment panel will discuss venture capital funding and investments into new technologies on the horizon as well as advice for startups. However, we have a panel dedicated to blockchain technology which will talk about sidechains, bitcoin 2.0, and other exciting potentials for the technology,” said Alan Tse, one of the conference organizers.

The conference will feature leading investors and entrepreneurs in the Bitcoin community. Some of them include Jeff Garzik, Brock Pierce, Steve Beauregard and Connie Gallippi. In addition representatives from companies such as Factom, Changetip and Airbitz will also be featured.