Blockchain Can Be Used To Regulate Cryptocurrencies – IMF Chief Lagarde

Blockchain, News, Regulation | March 14, 2018 By:

Christine Lagarde, the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), said the technology behind cryptocurrencies could also be used to regulate them.

In an IMF blog post on Tuesday, Lagarde said that she believes regulators can use blockchain technology to regulate bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and prevent them from being used in connection with money laundering and other financial crimes.


Blockchain Regulatory Authority To Be Established By Malta

News | February 19, 2018 By:

The government of Malta has unveiled a consultation document on the establishment of the Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA), a regulatory authority which will “certify” blockchain platforms and “verify” crypto transactions.

Speaking at the launch of the public consultation, Digital Economy Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Schembri said the new authority would not only act as a regulator and watchdog for the crypto sector,


ICO Regulations Planned By Gibraltar

ICO News, News | February 12, 2018 By:

The government of Gibraltar and the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC) have announced that they will be developing a draft law that will regulate initial coin offerings (ICO) in the British overseas territory.

According to reports, Gibraltar has decided to roll out ICO regulations primarily because the world has grown increasingly concerned over the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency sector as of late.