Blockchain Industry Expansion in Mexico Key to Augmate Connect Partnership

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Augmate Connect claims to be the first Internet of Things (IoT) device management platform using distributed ledger technology. The Augmate Connect Platform will be activated and utilized using tokens called MATEs (Machine Access Token Exchange).

The company recently announced a partnership with Maximilian Ventures to promote blockchain and distributed ledger technology development in Mexico and throughout Latin America.


Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Are Shopin Solution For – Wait For It – Shopping

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Shopin is envisioned as a universal shopping digital application that delivers a personal shopping experience on retail websites, leveraging the benefits of blockchain and A.I. technology.

Running on the ethereum blockchain, Shopin recently partnered with iExec, a cloud platform that will allow it to run as a decentralized application that will scale to enterprise levels,


Blockchain Firm Luna DNA Wants To Incentivize Sharing Of Genetic Information With Cryptocurrency

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Bob Kain is the CEO and Co-Founder Luna DNA, a genomic and medical research database that uses blockchain technology.

Kain joined Illumina pre-IPO in 1999 and retired in 2014, as the Chief Engineering Officer. Prior to joining Illumina, Kain was the Director of the Microarray Business Unit at Molecular Dynamics.


Blockchain Innovations On Tap, As Qtum Partners With Storm Player, China’s Largest Video Player

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Smart contracts platform Qtum and China’s Baofeng Bokocloud have joined forces to create a blockchain concensus network service for video using Baofeng’s Storm Player, one of the most popular online video players in China.

Storm Player already has more than 200 million users and its parent company has a market cap of $8 billion.


Chris Neimeth Of NYC Data Science Academy: Blockchain, AI, Big Data and Art Convergence

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Chris Neimeth is the COO of the NYC Data Science Academy, a training school for data scientists and other technologists. In 1996, he embraced big data and developed the web’s first demographic real-time ad targeting system for The New York Times Digital. He has since served in various strategic roles: CEO of Salon Media Group Inc.,


Initial Coin Offerings Under Scrutiny By SEC and Securities Plaintiffs’ Bar

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These days it seems that everybody is considering getting into the distributed ledger technology business, causing the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and the securities plaintiffs’ bar to take notice. Over the past several years, the SEC has made certain public remarks about this new technology,


Andrea Tinianow: “Blockchain Is Going To Touch Everyone”

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Andrea Tinianow is the former head of Global Delaware, an international marketing arm for the state of Delaware. While there, she conceived the Delaware Blockchain Initiative (DBI), launched by then-Governor Jack Markell in May 2016 to demonstrate the state’s support for distributed ledger technology and commitment to using it in government.