US SEC Lawsuit Charges Bitcoin Laundering In Stock Pump and Dump

Blockchain, Investing, News, Regulation, Uncategorized | November 1, 2017 By:

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is suing a day trader for alleged fraud, claiming he used bitcoin to hide profits from his stock exchange pump and dump scheme.

The SEC filed charges on Monday against Joseph Willner of Philadelphia. He is accused of illegally taking over more than 100 brokerage accounts and using the funds to artificially inflate stock prices.


SEC Chairman on Cyber Security: “There Will Be Intrusions, Including The SEC”

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US Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Jay Clayton has issued a statement highlighting the importance of cyber security to the agency and market participants, and detailing the agency’s approach to cyber security as an organization and as a regulatory body. Most prominent was Clayton noting that cyber intruders may have traded on information obtained by a hack of the SEC.


Former SEC Attorney Outlines Agency’s Approach to ICO Investigations

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A former Securities and Exchange Enforcement Division attorney said “disgruntled investor” complaints are the chief red flag that may prompt an SEC investigation on initial coin offerings (ICO).

Speaking on the podcast Epicenter, former SEC attorney Nick Morgan told co-hosts Brian Fabian Crain and Sebastien Couture how certain ICOs warrant scrutiny from the government agency.


Protostarr Shutters Because of SEC Concerns

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Virginia-based Protostarr is shutting down operations and refunding money collected from its August 13 crowdsale after notice from the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The service planned to allow investors to fund rising stars on video outlet YouTube and gamer site Twitch.

The move is the latest action by the SEC as it increasingly focuses on initial coin offerings and cryptocurrency issues.