TAR Aerolineas to accept bitcoin payments

Now Accepting | June 5, 2015 By:

Mexico-based airlines TAR Aerolineas has become the first merchant to accept bitcoin payments through Openpay’s platform and the first airline from Latin America to accept bitcoin.

The airliner will accept payments in bitcoin following a partnership between Openpay, a Mexico-based payment service provider, and payment processor BitPay.

“It’s a real honor for TAR to have a team of developers at Openpay who are up to the technological advances of this globalized world. This business partnership has enabled TAR to become the first airline in Latin America to accept Bitcoin and put us in the forefront of both technology and security,” TAR Commercial Manager & P.R. José Calzadías.

TAR Airlines took this initiative because they wanted to create value for their clients and stimulate the economic and tourist activity of Mexico. Bitcoin is a universal currency, so the payment method could be appealing for international travelers who want to avoid currency exchanges.