Tomato Blockchain Project Hopes To Ripen Supply Chain

Blockchain, Innovation, News, Regulation | November 10, 2017 By:

You say tomato. I say tomah-toe. Some people say blockchain, at least in the view of some project managers for, who are trying to put together a business that will track the fruit’s international supply chain.

Former Wells Fargo banker Raja Ramachandran and Nasdaq executive Phil Harris are aiming to bring clarity to tomato provenance with their new company. Bloomberg quoted project manager Caroline Myran on the “why” of it: “There’s a lot of fraud in food origins, especially now that it’s hot. People say ‘this is local,’ or ‘this is organic,’ or ‘this is grown using certain practices.’ With this system, you can prove it.”

Tomato picking, like many farm products, suffers from labor exploitation. With a blockchain system attesting to the fruit’s origins, bad actors can be weeded out while good reputations are enhanced.