Two FinTech Hubs Partner, Seek Expansion

Announcements, Education, FinTech | August 25, 2017 By:

Singapore-based FinTech hub LATTICE80, which is run by VC Marvelstone Group, has teamed with Japanese FinTech hub FINOLAB to mutually boost their ecosystems and global networks. This FinTech bridge will seek to create a passport system for FinTechs in each country to expand into new markets.

Under the partnership, LATTICE80’s FinTech startups will receive mentorship guidance on how to expand their businesses to Japan. Japanese FinTech startups will be able to access Singapore mentors at LATTICE80. Additional benefits include free five-day passes yearly for two members of each startup.

“We see tremendous interest in Japan from the FinTech teams sitting at LATTICE80. Historically, Japan and Singapore have enjoyed strong trade and investment ties that go back decades,” said Joe Seunghyun Cho, Founding CEO of LATTICE80 and Chairman of Marvelstone Group. “As a member of the international FinTech community, it’s only right that we help to make the Japanese market, with its big push towards FinTech, more accessible to startups in Singapore. We’re extremely excited to partner with FINOLAB on this pursuit.”

“We’ve been impressed by the evolution of the FinTech environment in Singapore,” said Yoshio Sakai, global manager of FINOLAB. “In our research, we came across no hub better plugged into Singapore and Southeast Asia’s FinTech ecosystem than LATTICE80. The feedback from our members has remained consistent: they want to expand to Singapore but need assistance. This tie up with LATTICE80 is the answer they’ve all been waiting for.”

Lattice80 has been proactive in its global expansion plans this year, signing several memorandum of understanding (MOU) agreements with other key FinTech hubs not just in Asia but across the globe.

LATTICE80 has signed MOUs with several FinTech hubs and plans to announce more strategic partnerships throughout the year. The non-profit organization also plans to launch more FinTech hubs in India, London, New York, and the Middle East.