Zug, Switzerland Tech Hub Now Has Digital ID Platform

Announcements, Blockchain, News | November 21, 2017 By:

Ethereum-based self-sovereign identity platform Uport has launched a digital identity registration system for the citizens of Zug, Switzerland. Zug IDs would be provided to citizens registering on the platform.

The platform will register residents’ IDs on the blockchain to unlock access to government eServices like online voting and proof of residency. According to Uport, digital citizenship enables more trust between citizens and government agencies, and opens up new and significant opportunities for improved digital interactions between people and governments.

The initiative was first announced earlier this year. Zug is known as “Crypto Valley” for the proliferation of blockchain and cryptocurrency firms located in and around the region.

“Since June, we have been improving the Uport platform and working with our Swiss partners to prepare the city for an official launch,’ said Uport. “This launch is today. This major milestone demonstrates the power of ethereum, such that a city government can issue to its citizens a digital verification of their citizenship.”

Zug citizens can register their identities on uPort’s mobile app to create a public address linked to an executable distributed code contract (EDCC) dubbed “uPort Proxy Contract.” The process begins with a QR code scan. Personal data is entered in and the ID is generated. In order to make sure that all varieties are unique and authentic, the final approval process is done manually in the company’s office. After registering, the citizen has 14 days to visit the Zug records office in person with one of their official government ID documents.