Uproov Bitcoin notary service app now available on iTunes and Android

Regulation | January 15, 2016 By:

Uproov, which notarises photos, videos and audio recordings on the Bitcoin blockchain using a smartphone, is now available on Apple and Android devices.

Developed by Australia’s Ledger Assets, the smartphone app can authenticate image content, provide time stamping and geolocation verification in real time.

“Uproov uses dynamic client side encryption and the Blockchain protocol to secure data packets into the Blockchain, reflecting the genuine image, audio or video data. This means those submitted images cannot be altered, not even by one pixel, nor can any part of the file, image, video or audio be removed. Alteration of any of those aspects will cause the encryption key to no longer match what was entered into the Blockchain.,” said Ledger Assets co-founder John Bulich.

The new app can service industries such as the rentals market (Avis) and new emerging markets in the assets sharing economy (airbnb and Uber). It has the ability to provide provable evidence for reporting, verification of time stamped documents and even with geolocation options.