Wallet Provider Blockchain Will Give Users Bitcoin Cash

Announcements, Blockchain, FinTech, News | August 23, 2017 By:

Wallet provider Blockchain will give its users an amount of Bitcoin Cash equivalent to their legacy bitcoin holdings, the service announced. A blog post Tuesday announced the new deal, which was not initiated on the Aug. 1 hard fork date, as many other wallets provided.

The company now says it will offer “limited support” for Bitcoin Cash holdings.  “Within the next eight weeks, we’ll be rolling out limited support for (Bitcoin Cash) via the settings panel in your Blockchain Wallet. Users with balances of bitcoin in their Blockchain Wallet on Aug. 1 will be able to access an equal balance, as of Aug. 1, of Bitcoin Cash.”

Some non-custodial holding services like Coinbase did not immediately credit users with Bitcoin Cash. But several have since come around, as customers reacted bitterly to being denied what was essentially free money. Bitcoin Cash has been priced as high as $900 per single coin, and today sits at $664.

Blockchain has also recently added support for ethereum’s ETH. This will allow users to exchange, send, and receive transactions from their wallets on the service.