10 Tech Issues to Consider If You’re Going Through a Divorce

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If the end of a marriage is looming, it can seem insane to be thinking about things like how to deal with who really owns the iPhone contract and whether there are hidden cryptocurrency accounts. But New York Matrimonial Law attorney Jacqueline Newman believes it’s essential to examine some of these issues that could affect your financial future.

Here are a few of her recommendations:

1. Download your content out of shared accounts
You may want to download your content in case an angry ex-spouse decides to withhold the password. Judges don’t particularly want to get into the specifics of who should get the iCloud, Dropbox or Flickr accounts, says Newman, so it’s safest to secure your content before the situation becomes acrimonious — or be sure that you can come to an amicable agreement over the divvying of shared digital content.
2. End the joint phone plan
 “Somebody could also see your call logs, which might not be info you want to share,” Newman says. “I recommend paying the cancellation fee and getting out of any joint plan.”
3. Deactivate the shared email account
If you have a shared email account, send a short message letting your contacts know to contact each of you at your personal email addresses, forward any crucial messages and attachments to yourself, then shut down the account.
4. Keep quiet on social media…
“Assume that anything you post online will be handed to the judge on your divorce case,” says Newman.
5…Including positive comments
“If you have something nice to say, call up [your ex-partner] to say it, but don’t put it on social media,” says Newman.
6. Create new passwords for all your accounts
To avoid having to deal with snooping exes, create new, strong passwords, ideally avoiding references to mutually-known keystones like a child’s birthday.
7. Manage your location-sharing apps
Disable your whereabouts on location-sharing apps where you can follow and be followed by friends, such as Find My Friends (iOS) or Google+ (Android/iOS). Remove these apps or take your ex partner off your list of allowed friends.
8. Do a security deep clean for surveillance apps
Cleared your phone of location sharing apps, but still suspect that a partner might be spying on your phone? Look for signs such as unusually short battery life or an oddly high data bill, as these could indicate your phone is actively checking in with an external server.
9. Change the passcode on your phone
That’s the easiest way to prevent a vengeful partner from downloading apps that can track your movements.
10. Erase traces of yourself from a shared computer
If you’re not keeping the computer, clear all your passwords, the auto-fill history, and the web browser history to alleviate the temptation for an ex-spouse to log in to your email or social network accounts.
About Jacqueline Newman
Jacqueline Newman is a New York City based divorce lawyer and experienced NY matrimonial law expert. As managing partner of a top tier 5th Avenue Manhattan law firm focused exclusively on divorce, her practice runs the gamut from prenups for high net worth people contemplating marriage to high conflict matrimonial litigation in dissolutions involving complex financial assets and difficult custody issues. She is the Author of Soon-to-Be Ex: A Woman’s Guide to Her Perfect Divorce and Relaunch and Soon-to-Be Ex for Men: Preserving Wealth, Fatherhood, and Sanity During Divorce.