Market Continues To Press “Hold” on Pricing

ICO News, Investing, News | July 27, 2017 By:

The cryptocurrency market continued to stand still today, as anxious investors warily eyed the forthcoming “Independence Day” activation of the BIP91 blockchain protocol, a move that may roil the markets.

News that a rival group is devising a different blockchain expansion solution than the one supported by a large majority of minors had little immediate effect,


Renwick Haddow

Alleged Bitcoin Bilker Arrested in Morocco

Crime, News | July 27, 2017 By:

Businessman Renwick Haddow has suffered his second arrest for bitcoin-related fraud. This time, the police in Tangiers, Morocco have nabbed him.

Haddow, a UK citizen who lived in New York City, is alleged to have bilked investors using a purported bitcoin platform and a chain of co-working spaces located in former bars and restaurants.


Philip Lane, Central Bank of Ireland

Ireland Central Bank: Blockchain Has Challenges

Blockchain, FinTech, Group, Regulation | July 27, 2017 By:

The head of Ireland’s central bank said blockchain and other new technologies present “issues” that pose a major challenge.

Philip Lane, the governor of the Central Bank of Ireland, has established an internal working group on financial technology to address those concerns. Lane raised the issues during a speech to the Banking and Payments Federation of Ireland,


BitClave To Launch Blockchain Search Engine

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Silicon Valley-based blockchain startup BitClave is releasing a decentralized search engine that promises end-users more control over their data.

The company is led by former LG Electronics chief security officer Alex Bessonov. Bessonov launched the company in 2016 with the mission of transforming the relationship between businesses and customers using smart contracts to create trust and transparency.