Blockchain Exchange #MetaHash Teams With Lamborghini For Tokens

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The ultimate status symbol for aspiring crypto-moguls is being tokenized.

Switzerland’s #MetaHash and Lamborghini have partnered to create a branded token on the platform that will sell the exotic cars for cyptocurrency and store data on the blockchain about production and sales.

“We are honored to partner with Lamborghini as one of the most
powerful brands in the world,” said Anton Agranovsky,


Blockchain To Be Added To Tapatalk, Large Mobile Forum Platform

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BLOCK TRIBUNE: Your blockchain integration plans, one of your goals is to increase anonymity. What else?

SANJAY SABNANI:  Okay, let me try to explain what our blockchain integration plans are. Anonymity is already a condition of the network. Most people that are members of these online communities or forums tend to participate in a anonymous or pseudonymous fashion,


WeTrust Spring Fundraising Platform Will Match ETH Donations

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WeTrust Spring, a fundraising platform that allows social entrepreneurs and nonprofits to raise funds via cryptocurrencies, will match 100 percent of every individual’s ETH donations, up to $100k on WeTrust’s part, through Giving Tuesday, Nov. 27.

In conjunction with its donation-matching campaign, WeTrust is unveiling its inaugural partnerships with 14 charitable organizations,


Majority Of US Voters Believe Crypto Campaign Contributions Should Be Treated The Same As Fiat – Survey

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Majority of US voters believe that it should be legal to donate cryptocurrencies for election campaigns, according to a new survey conducted by research company Clovr.

To gauge support of cryptocurrencies role in political campaigns, Clovr surveyed 1,023 registered US voters for their take on how cryptoassets could affect the political process.