Vauld – Crypto Lender Follows The Celsius’ Way Of Halting Withdrawals Due To Crypto Crash

Announcements, News, Opinion | July 25, 2022 By:

The crypto market still continues to crash and the ongoing crisis in the marketplace has a big influence on crypto-based companies. Vauld, a famous crypto lender, is no exception. A crypto loan and exchange business based in Singapore has announced that it has temporarily halted all transactions on its Vauld platform as it works through “financial problems,”


Analysts: There Will be Further Liquidation Before the Cryptocurrency Market Recovers

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Even after a brief rebound on July 5, the cryptocurrency markets remain difficult to get into for novice investors. On July 6, the global cryptocurrency market value fell 0.61 percent to $905 billion, as Bitcoin traded for around $20,000. According to CoinMarketCap, most of the leading cryptocurrencies saw their prices drop after briefly soaring.