50 Cent Reportedly Made Millions in Bitcoin

News | January 25, 2018 By:

Curtis Jackson, better known by his rap alias 50 Cent, recently discovered that he’s got millions in bitcoin.

When 50 Cent released his fifth studio album – Animal Ambition – in 2014, he decided he’d take a leap of faith and accept payment in bitcoin. At the time, the rapper was one of the first major musicians to accept bitcoin payments.

According to TMZ, the album netted about 700 bitcoin, then valued at between $650 and $700 each, which sat dormant for years. In total, the sales pulled in over $400,000. Today, the cryptocurrency is trading over $11,000 USD. The rapper’s 700 bitcoin stockpile would be worth $7.7 million to $8.3 million.

Jackson confirmed the TMZ article in an Instagram post. 50 said, “Not Bad for a kid from South Side. I’m so proud of me.” In a comment on the social media site, the rapper claimed that he had forgotten about the cache of bitcoin in the years since the Animal Ambition move.