Security Token Offerings To Rise To 2017 ICO Levels – Report

Announcements, Blockchain, FinTech, Investing | January 12, 2019 By:

Investment and financial services company United Traders has released original research on security tokens, outlining some of the trends, offerings, and predictions for the space.

The report, Year of Security Tokens, contends that while 2017 was the year of initial coin offerings (ICOs), with startups raising over $6.6 billion, 2018 was the emerging year for security tokens (STOs) and private offerings, which have the potential to bring the classic fiat and crypto economies much closer together.

Among the report’s findings:
“We do not expect a massive growth in 2019, but the foundation laid out by the most promising blockchain-based companies and modern regulators will enable a dramatic shift in the market in around two years.”
“Security token offerings can easily rise from the $6.6bn volume they capture today closer to the volume of IPOs that attracted $189bn of capital in 2017.”