8Base Creates Blockchain App Development For Dummies – Or Even You

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8base provides a no-code technology platform, toolset, and ecosystem to help companies change the way they develop and run software. It is an open blockchain platform that brings together software authors, contributors and users to work together to create and launch new software applications.

The company is founded by Albert Santalo, who has a track record of conceiving, funding, launching, and scaling technology businesses, including CareCloud and Avisena.

8base significantly reduces the amount of effort and technical competency required to build and host applications. It uses scalable, serverless architecture that can automate both mundane applications as well as infrastructure level tasks. This liberates developers to focus on high-value work while also enabling citizen developers, people with only moderate technical skills, to create robust applications without the need to write any code. The collaborative 8base ecosystem includes a reputation management system that rewards participants for their contributions. A system of 8base tokens — known as “pieces of eight” — will also act as a compensatory layer to reward the community’s members and incentivize the creation of value for peers.

CEO Santalo talked about the project with Block Tribune

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  Who is this product aimed at?

ALBERT SANTALO:  8base is software to build software. 8base is an application development platform that allows people of limited technical proficiency (citizen developers) to build and host their own enterprise software using blockchain. 8base unites the entire world of software developers, contributors and users working together in a thriving decentralized ecosystem that collectively makes software development fast and easy. The demand for digital transformation initiatives, coupled with the shortage of qualified developers, has created an incredible market opportunity for a solution like 8base. Moreover, new challenges and business requirements like smart contracts, artificial intelligence, and decentralized apps, need new solutions. This constrained innovation capacity is killing businesses. But now with 8base, users can easily build and deploy blockchain and traditional software applications with an elegant user experience.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: How much technical knowledge do you need?

ALBERT SANTALO: Citizen developers will not need deep technical knowledge to develop on 8base. Our product will have an elegant, intuitive interface that takes advantage of the latest trends in design thinking using drag-and-drop capabilities, toolkits, and interpretive logic. Our Data Builder and App Builder products will interpret data patterns and suggest development maps for the user. Citizen developers will have a development toolkit made entirely of user interface (UI) based elements.

If you think of the Office suite of tools, users do not need to know how to program to use Excel or PowerPoint. In short, if you can work a spreadsheet, you can develop on 8base.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  What applications are best suited for 8base?

ALBERT SANTALO: There is incredible pressure today for digital transformation in all areas of business. This pressure exists on Main Street and Wall Street. Anything from a small business entrepreneur launching a new venture that wants to connect buyers and sellers around the world, to a career executive who needs to track productivity across a global sales supply chain using disparate data sources. Both examples have the same challenges in common: urgency, limited capital, and dependence on stressed out IT departments and vendors. This type of software development is fraught with risk.

8base solves these issues.

The best applications to build on 8base are those where the citizen developer, in these examples, the small businessperson or the career executive, are the subject matter experts. In other words, they know how this is supposed to work. They are the product manager. Because of this expertise coupled with our rapid development tools, they are best suited to solve their problem and can achieve their goals faster and with less risk.

Moreover, the inherent nature of blockchain technology means that not only can a citizen developer solve a business problem, but they can also potentially disrupt an entrenched industry or process. Our solution is blockchain agnostic and users can select from an assortment of blockchain technologies to deploy, based on their individual business case. Their blockchain deployment can be public or private, permissioned or permissionless, and can include a smart contract.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Walk me through how it works. You want to create an app. Give me the next steps.

ALBERT SANTALO: 8base App builder uses a data-first approach. Every app has a data model represented by a set of tables and relationships between them. For example, a CRM has tables such as Customers, Leads, Opportunities, etc.

  1. The first step is to define the data model. You define tables and fields, in a way similar to an excel spreadsheet. No technical background needed.

  2. Next, the App Builder uses machine learning to auto-generate the user interface of your app based on the data model you defined. It is fully customizable and you can go and move things around, rearrange fields, change how the information is displayed, create dashboards and reports.

  3. You can define if-this-then-that workflows in a visual way to trigger actions based on events such as button clicked or data-object created. For example, you can configure an email to be sent, a smart contract to be deployed or any other actions that the 8base core platform and the ecosystem of developers provide.

  4. You configure role-based security to specify what each type of users can and can’t do in the application down to what fields in the data tables they are allowed to view and edit.

  5. Finally, if any of the required capabilities is missing you can post a bounty in the 8base ecosystem to have them developed for you. Or, if you are a developer, you can use our command-line tools to write and deploy custom code that can be triggered from within your app.

Alternatively, you can pick an existing app template from the marketplace and customize it to your need. You can also code your own front-end application against the robust GraphQL API that 8base Serverless Chassis provides.

The App Builder experience includes social collaboration tools. You can build apps together with your colleagues, share data, documents and interact via a built-in chat.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  What are your revenue streams?

ALBERT SANTALO:  Citizen developers and organizations pay a monthly or yearly subscription for access to the platform.

 BLOCK TRIBUNE: Are you always locked in to the 8base system? Or can you transfer your work and eventually create your own enterprise?

ALBERT SANTALO: We offer developers and citizen developers the flexibility to develop on 8base and stay within our ecosystem or they can use our tools to develop their products but host them elsewhere. We seek to provide the maximum flexibility possible. Our main goal is happy customers, not chaining people to our product.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Tell me about ICO plans

ALBERT SANTALO: 8base is excited about creating a decentralized innovation economy and inviting users and developers around the world to participate in the future of digital transformation. 8base will be working with the Piece of Eight Foundation to establish a tokenized ecosystem that offers radical improvements over the way business software is traditionally developed. Rather than conducting a traditional token sale as that term is usually understood, we are working with our partners, advisors, and affiliates to explore innovative ways of fostering the adoption of blockchain technology and tokenized economies by creating a seamless, user-friendly experience that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their experience or familiarity with blockchain technology.  We, along with our partners and advisors, look forward to releasing more information about the ecosystem in the coming weeks.