BlockTribune is a daily news and information site devoted to bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Founded in 2015, the BlockTribune covers not only bitcoin and alt-coins themselves, but also the regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies and the people who use them. We investigate the opportunities for commercial activity, investing in bitcoin as a commodity, the functionality of the blockchain, and uses of this new technology beyond its function as a medium for transactions.

Many jurisdictions are considering using blockchain technology to record deeds and titling of real estate in an immutable, easily referenced, publicly accessible blockchain designed for this very purpose.

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Editorial staff:

David Pimentel is a technology reporter with BlockTribune. Before joining BlockTribune in 2015, David was a staffer at Local Labs, the largest hyperlocal data and news producer in the United States. While there, he reported on local real estate transactions and sourced public record data for dozens of markets. David was born in the Philippines where he studied Hotel and Restaurant Management at the National College of Business and Arts (NCBA).

Maricel Custodio has a degree in Mass Communications from Far Eastern University in Manila. Before joining Block Tribune, she was gathering future events for target communities and markets, legal news happening in the US, and creating hyperlocal content for newspapers.

Joshua “Junseth” Unseth is a cryptocurrency enthusiast who cut his teeth on the Bitcoin Uncensored podcast. Known by his brash, cutting critiques of the space’s most beloved projects, Junseth’s contrarian views have been surprisingly prescient. Along with his former co-host Chris DeRose, Junseth was rated as CoinDesk’s 9th most influential in 2016. As a financial podcast, Junseth’s perspective on market efficiency has helped quell some of the over-exuberance of the space. He encourages sound financial management over irrational exuberance, and has a propensity to become so overly impassioned that his shirts are known to fly off in the middle of interviews.


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