Abu Dhabi Ponders Its Blockchain Options

Blockchain, FinTech, Innovation | January 5, 2019 By:

The Abu Dhabi government is pondering the role of blockchain in the country’s future.

The government hosted a blockchain workshop in December dedicated to blockchain technology opportunities and challenges, organized by Berkeley Research Group and OpenLedger experts.

The initiative is anchored with the strategic plans of Abu Dhabi development shared by more than 20 representatives from different governmental agencies. The emirate sees potential in implementing blockchain technology and benefiting the growth of leading industries and improving people’s lives in the United Arab Emirates.

Michael Jelen, a Director at BRG, claims the use of blockchain technology in digitizing Abu Dhabi’s social and finance services is still being considered.

“Blockchain is an interesting option that can have a game-changing effect on the development of Abu Dhabi, enhancing its leadership on the international arena and impacting people’s lives. The government has not made a clear commitment yet and is still exploring all options,” Jelen said.

The authorities of the Abu Dhabi government reviewed the presentation drafted by OpenLedger, one of the leaders in custom blockchain solutions development. One of the main provisions of the proposal included a roadmap that entails the use of blockchain technology for digital identity, funds distribution and freight transportation.

 Berkeley Research Group, LLC is a strategic advisory and consulting firm that provides consulting to Fortune 500 corporations, financial institutions, major law firms and regulatory bodies around the world. OpenLedger ApS delivers custom blockchain solutions to business partners.