AirBitz announces partnership with Fold

Announcements | December 28, 2015 By:

Airbitz announced a partnership with Fold, which will allow users to purchase Starbucks and Target gift cards at a discount directly inside the wallet.

“Airbitz aims to secure digital assets across multiple applications, starting with our own. While we started with digital currencies, we’re already securing login credentials with BitID. With the launch of the Fold integration, we’re now securing gift cards, just a new type of digital asset,” said Airbitz CEO Paul Puey.

Fold, which was launched in 2013, allowed users to purchase Starbucks cards at a 20 percent discount using bitcoin. While only Starbucks and Target are currently supported, Fold is looking to integrate Whole Foods, CVS, and Home Depot.

Airbitz is a mobile wallet that includes a location-based directory of companies that accept bitcoin.