ALFAcoins launches an updated user-friendly website

Announcements | December 28, 2016 By:

ALFAcoins, a trusted provider of bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment services, launches an upgraded website to match its updated cryptocurrency service offering.

ALFAcoins allows any legal internet business to accept three different cryptocurrencies viz., Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The payments service is available to customers across the world, excluding Iran and North Korea. Payments received on ALFAcoins can be either withdrawn as USD, EUR into the connected bank account or as one of the supported cryptocurrencies to their respective wallets.

“One of the key reasons for creating the new version of the site was the desire to make it more informative, convenient and attractive. Thanks to the new design, on-site navigation has been simplified, and the completely reworked site structure is now a lot more intuitive. Using the service takes considerably less time now,” said ALFAcoins.

The upgraded website offers a better, user–friendly experience to its customers with new design and improved on-site navigation that coincides with the addition of new cryptocurrencies, BitSend, CoinSplit and personal account management features.