Alpha’a Announces New Blockchain Platform for the Art Industry

Announcements, Blockchain, Innovation, News | January 13, 2022 By:

Alpha’a, an online, community-oriented platform offering tailor-made art collections for businesses, is launching a new solution for artists and institutions to easily issue NFTs attached to real and digital objects without the need of creating a complex Metawallet.

The new blockchain platform,, is one stop shop asset and trade management platform designed for fine artists and art institutions that doesn’t require a crypto wallet to issue NFT`s for digital and physical assets.

According to the company, the technology has been tested for 3 years in the real estate and hospitality industries, with projects for Fours Seasons and Zola, and it has received more than 1.5 million dollars in funding by major VC`s such as: Metaprop Gaingels and Lightspeed. Behind the technology are the two latin female trailblazers, Manuela Seve and Renata Thome, who founded the art/tech company Alpha’a back in 2014.

The founder and CEO, Manuela Seve, said: “ offers a unique, hybrid NFT certification model, creating digital clones associated with original & physical artworks. This way using the digital ledger tech as an immutable reference for provenance of artworks, with a simplified UX that bypasses the complicated process of creating a meta wallet and allowing artists and institutions to set resale royalties for their pieces this way creating generational wealth for creatives and a steady source of revenue for institutions such as: Museums and other NGOs.” will launch in tandem with the Frieze Art Fair on February 15th. To mark the launch, Alpha’a is moving into their new HQ located in the heart of Venice Beach, Los Angeles. The domicile will perform as an interactive space showcasing a rotating selection of galleries and artists Alpha’a collaborates with.