Anthony Di Iorio Joins Unikrn Advisers

ICO News, Job Appointments | September 28, 2017 By:

Ethereum blockchain pioneer Anthony Di Iorio has joined the advisory board of Seattle-based e-sports betting company Unikrn, specifically advising the company’s UnikoinGold cryptocurrency team.

Di Iorio also took part in the company’s initial coin offering this week, when Unikorn sold $25 million of UnikoinGold cryptocurrency.

Di Iorio’s team will help Unikrn integrate with JAXX, a blockchain wallet system that he founded last year. Di Iorio is the co-founder and CEO of JAXX, Toronto-based innovation hub Decentral, and interactive media dashboard

“I don’t normally jump in as an investor or advisor in any company unless I feel like I see real potential and the opportunity to add significant value,” Di Iorio said. “The token market is fraught with challenges; however, the future of this space is incredible. When my team saw Unikrn and their traction in esports, their team, and their history with Unikoin, I realized that this is a deal I can get behind. My team will help bring UnikoinGold integration into the JAXX wallet, and I’m excited to work for other opportunities to work with the Unikrn team to make UnikoinGold a standard in all e-sports.”