APPII Creates Blockchain Career Verification Platform

Announcements, Blockchain | November 8, 2017 By:

APPII has launched a blockchain career verification platform, in partnership with job website Technojobs.

APPII was founded in March 2016 by Gary McKay, Brian McNulty and Adi Ben-Ari. Gary, Brian, and Adi had all been involved with blockchain in one shape or form when they met to discuss how the new technology could revolutionize how individuals verify the assertions on their CVs.

The platform allows individuals to create career profiles which are verified using blockchain technology. It then allows organizations to verify the “assertions” that candidates make during applications. By recording on a candidate’s profile that an assertion has been verified, there is no need for it to be checked again in the future.

The blockchain career verification platform uses facial recognition technology to verify the identity of candidates, by asking them to take a picture using the mobile app and comparing it to a photograph on official identification documents such as passports.

Gary McKay, managing director and founder of APPII, said its partnership with Technojobs marks the first time a UK-based jobsite has enabled candidates to apply for roles using blockchain verified CVs.

“Their investment will support future development, including launching an industry leading blockchain technology solution to democratise recruitment and transform digital identities,” said McKay.

APPII plans to enhance the service next year, including a rewards program for both employers and candidates. Tokens will be issued to organizations which verify assertions, and to candidates who submit their CVs for verification. These tokens will be exchangeable for courses and education.