Asia Pacific Rayon Launches Blockchain Traceability Solution For Viscose Supply Chain

Blockchain, News | May 15, 2019 By:

Asia Pacific Rayon (APR) has launched the mobile app for its ‘Follow Our Fibre’ initiative, a blockchain tracking platform that opens the door for traceability across the entire viscose fibre supply chain.

APR is one of the largest viscose-rayon producers in Asia, with annual capacity of 240,000 tons of viscose-rayon. It produces natural and biodegradable viscose-rayon, which is made from wood cellulose, and serves as an alternative to fossil-based synthetics in the textile industry.

The mobile app, launched at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, will provide traceability and transparency over APR’s viscose-rayon production value chain from seed to fibre. The app will enable APR customers to trace its finished products back to their plantation origins based on value chain data recorded on blockchain.

“From seed to store shelf, every tonne of viscose or finished product has traceable production history,” APR said. Production is registered and tracked at major points across the value chain, and once added to the blockchain, they become a permanent feature on the platform.”

The APR Follow Our Fibre platform is powered by distributed ledger firm Perlin. Perlin’s platform leverages the unique and powerful functionality of blockchain to create traceability of data across any and all key stages of a production cycle. Using an intuitive app interface, Perlin empowers customers, partners and stakeholders by providing them with visibility over the origin and provenance of products.

“Unlike other centralized enterprise supply chain solutions using blockchain, Perlin Clarify is built on an open and truly decentralized platform that ensures privacy underpinned by robust security,” said Dorjee Sun, CEO of Perlin. “Customers with strict sustainable sourcing and procurement standards can now quickly and easily vet their suppliers using Perlin Clarify.”

APR said that the Follow Our Fibre initiative showcases their efforts to maintain industry-leading practices for sustainable sourcing and production.

“APR has a commitment to sustainability, working towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals and driving industry best practice,” said Cherie Tan, APR Vice President of Communications & Sustainability, “Leveraging blockchain technology, we will continue towards greater corporate and environmental governance over our viscose-rayon operations.”