Avalon releases new ASIC miner

FinTech | November 25, 2015 By:

Avalon has announced a new A3218 mining chip that will be released in the Avalon6 miner.

According to the company, each server can process 3.65 TH/s at a power efficiency of 0.29 W/GH. Each server is composed of 80 of the Avalon A3218 chips. The system requires, at minimum, a 12VC DC, 1,100 watts PSU output. Unlike the other companies that have been developing 14nm chips, Avalon decided to stick with its 28nm ASIC chip.

“The 14nm process node is very new, very slow to design/produce, very difficult, very expensive and doesn’t currently yield efficiency gains that even come close to compensating for all this. Avalon will produce at smaller process nodes, but only once it actually makes financial sense to do so,” said Sean Walsh, founder of BlockC, the global distributor of Avalon products.

Avalon is the first company to manufacture ASIC mining chips and sell them to consumers.