Babble-on now accepts bitcoin payments

Now Accepting | September 9, 2015 By:

Babble-on announced it has added support for payments via Bitcoin and Alipay. Developers from across the globe can now pay for expert app localization in over 40 languages using the universal Bitcoin currency, or China’s popular Alipay service.

“Bitcoin was high on our customers’ wish lists. It saves non-US developers a lot of money and hassle by reducing currency exchange and transfer fees,” said Babble-on founder Benjamin Zadik.

Localizations can also be purchased using more familiar credit and debit cards, or PayPal. All options are available immediately for all customers. Developers can get instant cost estimates and free pseudolocalization by visiting the site.

Babble-on App Localization is San Francisco’s only homegrown translation service for iOS and Android developers.