Bancor Protocol Adds Brock Pierce

ICO News | July 4, 2017 By:

Blockchain startup Bancor Protocol has added Brock Pierce to its advisory board. He will advise the company on strategy, communications and token market dynamics.

The Bancor Protocol is a smart-contract-based token conversion protocol which allows anyone to design new tokens using smart-contracts, which implement the reserve system. Creators will be able to customize their token’s reserve ratio, initiate an initial coin offering (ICO), and issue coins which benefit from instant viability. The company recently raised over $150 million in its initial coin offering (ICO).

Brock Pierce is a venture capitalist and serial entrepreneur best known for pioneering the market for digital currency. He is a founder and Managing Partner of Blockchain Capital (formerly Crypto Currency Partners). He is also a sought-after commentator on the bitcoin economy and was elected to the Bitcoin Foundation Board in 2014. He currently serves as partner and head of strategy for EOS and Block.One.

“There is no higher sign of support than a fellow entrepreneur joining our advisory board after digging into the project with the team over months,” said Galia Benartzi of Bancor. “We have already learned a tremendous amount from Brock’s experience in the space, his recent BCAP Token Allocation Event, and his efforts to bring standards and also mainstream understanding to this nascent space. We are thrilled to have Brock on board and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship as this ecosystem and project evolve.”

“I am excited to join the Bancor advisory board and provide guidance and insight to such an innovative team and protocol,” said Pierce. “A lot of what I see in blockchain promises to get us as an industry from A to Z. As an investor and entrepreneur, I am constantly on the lookout for how we get from A to B. An automated liquidity solution could pave the way for the kinds of innovation we are only dreaming of now. Turns out the B is Bancor.”