Bank Saint-Petersburg refuses to pay bitcoin ransom

Crime | August 2, 2015 By:

Bank Saint-Petersburg has refused to pay 29 million rubles ransom in bitcoin to hackers who managed to steal the account information of over 300 thousand clients.

Russian publication Fontanka reported that the theft of over 300,000 bank card records occurred back in early April and the authorities have been carrying out an investigation since. It was only on July 20 that the bank received an ultimatum from the culprit(s).

“I took 300 thousand records with bank card information of your clients,” reads the first line of the ultimatum, sent to Bank Saint-Petersburg via email.

The hackers have demanded 29 million rubles, which they will accept via Bitcoin to their publicly posted wallet address.

Bank Saint-Petersburg however has seemingly called the hackers’ bluff, refusing to give into the extortionists’ demands. The bank cited that the stolen information is not sufficient to cause any real damage to the bank or its clients.

“Our clients are not at risk and were never at risk. If anyone would like to receive a new card, they can do so immediately and free of charge,” said Bank Saint Petersburg chairman Aleksandr Saveliev.

Bank Saint-Petersburg is a Russian bank created in 1990 in Saint Petersburg.